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In Bay City, MI

Begins October 1, 2021

Jesus said a lot about our world today...

Bible Prophecy reveals events happening today that point to the soon return of Jesus Christ. This new study series will give answers to questions millions are asking. As the words of Jesus come alive, they give hope and reveal how prophecy speaks directly to our time. With the Bible as our foundation, prophecy becomes clear, establishes truth and proves relevant for our day. Discover peace, purpose and confidence as you attend Jesus On Prophecy in your area. Pre-register today!

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Courtyard by Marriott Bay City
2 East Main Street
Bay City, MI 48708
United States

  • Speaker Picture

    Taylor Hinkle

    Taylor walked away from God at a young age. He soon however came to realize the emptiness of a life without God, and began seek peace and fulfillment in the Bible. Today he  gladly shares the same messages of hope that transformed his life with thousands around the world.

    Taylor presents the keys to unlock the book of Revelation in a clear, enthusiastic and compelling way that will leave you uplifted and inspired! His dynamic, illustrated presentations make Bible prophecy surprisingly easy to understand.

    In the most unstable times, you will be encouraged to hear messages straight from the Bible that will open before you a bright and hopeful future. Come and learn why many who have attended these seminars have said, “I have learned more about the Bible in the last few weeks than I have in my whole life.”

  • Study Prophecy

    Our Day in Bible Prophecy

    Explore an end-time prophecy that charts the course of world history, reveals where we are today in the Bible’s prophetic timeline, and unveils the next world superpower—all with pinpoint accuracy!

  • Explore Bible’s prophetic timeline

    The Master Key to Bible Prophecy

    In Jesus' description of last day events He mentions an old testament prophet that has tremendous relevance for us today. This prophecy is foundational to understanding a whole host of other Bible Prophecies! You won't want to miss it!

  • Why do natural disasters

    The War Behind All Wars

    Why do natural disasters, terrorism, and violence continue to increase? Why does God allow tragedy and suffering? Learn about the cosmic conflict impacting earth and your life today! It is an important key in understanding Bible prophecy.

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  • The Battle for the Throne

    The Bible is no ordinary book. It speaks directly to our times. It unveils a battle which has been raging for thousands of years, and directly impacts our lives today.

  • The Bible's Most Incredible Prophecy

    The Bible predicted the exact time Jesus would be baptized and crucified. Discover undeniable evidence that proves Jesus is the Christ, and that the Bible can be trusted.

  • The Antichrist's Agenda

    What do Satan and the Antichrist have in common? They have the same agenda. Discover how the Bible reveals the antichrist's agenda, and the keys to avoiding his deceptions.

  • Revelation's Eternal Sign

  • History's Greatest Cover-Up

  • Burying the Past

  • Solving Death's Mystery

  • Revelation's 1000 Years of Peace

  • Revelation's Lake of Fire

  • Jesus on the Antichrist

  • A Thief in the Night

  • Fitness for the Last Days

  • The Mark of the Beast

  • USA in Bible Prophecy

  • Avoiding End Time Deceptions

  • Revelation's Last Day People

  • The Unpardonable Sin

  • End Time Prophets?

  • Armageddon and the 7 Last Plagues

  • Revelation's 144,000

  • The Faith of Jesus

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #1

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #2

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #3

  • Revelation’s First Church

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #4

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #5

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #6

  • Revelation’s First Church #2

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #7

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #8

  • Revelation’s Church on Smyrna

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #9

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #10

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #11

  • Revelation’s Church of Pergamos

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #12

    Topic of Hell

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #13

    Second Coming

  • AWR Miracle Stories

    Sue Hinkle Shared AWR Mission Stories

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #14

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #15

  • Revelation Church of Pergamos, Pt. 2

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #16

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #17a

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #17b

  • Jesus in Prophecy 202 # 19a

  • The Undeserved Savior

  • Jesus on Prophecy 202 #20

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