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In Charlotte, MI

Begins October 1, 2021

Jesus said a lot about our world today...

Bible Prophecy reveals events happening today that point to the soon return of Jesus Christ. This new study series will give answers to questions millions are asking. As the words of Jesus come alive, they give hope and reveal how prophecy speaks directly to our time. With the Bible as our foundation, prophecy becomes clear, establishes truth and proves relevant for our day. Discover peace, purpose and confidence as you attend Jesus On Prophecy in your area. Pre-register today!

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CACS School Gymnasium
1510 S Cochran
Charlotte, MI 48813
United States

  • Charlotte Jesus On Prophecy Speaker - Wes Peppers

    Wes Peppers

    Wes Peppers explored atheism, agnosticism and religion to discover the meaning of life. Contemplating suicide, he skeptically searched the Bible as a final effort to find peace. The truth he discovered gave him real answers that changed his life. He is a two time cancer survivor and now enjoys helping others find hope and purpose in their lives. He encourages all from any or no belief system to attend this life-transforming series that has touched millions globally.

  • Jerryn Schmidt, Speaker

    Jerryn Schmidt

    Jerryn Schmidt is one of the most enthusiastic and dynamic speakers on the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation. Jerryn has thrilled audiences in Canada, United States, and Asia. Through advanced computer graphics, charts, and videos the mysterious prophecies of the Bible will become simple and easy to understand. You will learn more about Bible prophecy in a few nights than most do in a lifetime!

  • Buried Treasure - Kid's Program

    Children's Program

    Buried Treasure, a Bible program for kids, will have children asking to come back for more as they dig deeper into the heavenly treasures of the Bible. Fun songs, crafts, Bible memorization, Health and Nature tidbits, and so much more! Brought to you by My Place With Jesus, a ministry of It Is Written. Pre-register today!

  • Study Prophecy

    Prophecy Reveals the World's Next Superpower

    The Bible is no ordinary book. It speaks directly to modern times, and Bible prophecy specifically reveals events unfolding in today’s world. Come discover from the words of Jesus Himself the times we now live, what is soon to come, and His plan for you!

  • Explore Bible’s prophetic timeline

    Cracking the Prophecy Code

    Discover the keys to unlocking the prophecies of the Bible. With the prophecy keychain in hand you'll be able to unlock the prophecies for yourself!

  • Why do natural disasters

    Jesus Unfolds Our Day In Prophecy

    Why do natural disasters, terrorism, and violence continue to increase? See for yourself how the Bible has revealed in detail the times we now live in and what is soon to come.

More Schedule Details

  • Jesus' Answer to Evil and Earth's Suffering

  • The Atheist Who Found God

  • Prophecy's Final Moments Part 1

  • Prophecy's Final Moments Part 2

  • Jesus on Revelation's Rapture

  • Jesus on the End-time Anti-Christ

  • Cancer, Crisis, and the Cross

  • The Antichrist's End-time Attack

  • The Antichrist's Global Counterfeit Part 1

  • The Antichrist's Global Counterfeit Part 2

  • Jesus on Burying the Past

  • The 7 Last Plagues

  • Are there Ghosts in Charlotte?

  • Revelation's Lake of Fire

  • Jesus on Faith and Fitness

  • The USA in Bible Prophecy

  • The Mark of the Beast

  • Revelation's Four Horsemen

  • Which Church Would Jesus Join?

  • Jesus on His End-time Movement

  • Jesus on End-time Prophets

  • Prophecy's Final Destination

  • Jesus on Prophecy Concert

  • Jesus on Countercultural Living

  • Revelation Reveals Modern Atheism

  • decision Cards (4 per page)


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