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In Grand Blanc, MI

Begins October 1, 2021

Jesus said a lot about our world today...

Bible Prophecy reveals events happening today that point to the soon return of Jesus Christ. This new study series will give answers to questions millions are asking. As the words of Jesus come alive, they give hope and reveal how prophecy speaks directly to our time. With the Bible as our foundation, prophecy becomes clear, establishes truth and proves relevant for our day. Discover peace, purpose and confidence as you attend Jesus On Prophecy in your area. Pre-register today!

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Grand Blanc Seventh-day Adventist Church
9127 S Saginaw Road
Grand Blanc, MI 48439
United States

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    Pastor Daniel Ferraz

    Born in Reading Berkshire, England, he was raised in a Christian family, but at 21 he experienced a dramatic conversion. For the last 25 years he has responded to calls to serve internationally in full-time ministry as a Pastor and Evangelist in churches from Stanborough Park, Watford, Central London, England; to Porto, Portugal; Geneva, Switzerland; Kalamazoo, Michigan and now in Holly and Grand Blanc, Michigan. He holds a Master’s degree in Theology. He is passionate about God’s Word, his wife Petra, and their two daughters, Esther and Jessica.

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    Dr. David Fernandez

    David A. Fernandez M.D., F.A.C.S. is an orthopedic spine surgeon with OrthoMichigan in Flint, Michigan. He has lectured on Revelation and health topics internationally. In addition, he has served our country in the United States Navy. Along with his wife Liesbeth, a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, they have held various health programs for the community. They have two adult sons and enjoy traveling and outdoor activities as a family. In his spare time he enjoys taking cello lessons.

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    John Hill

    John E. Hill.  John is an active elder serving God in his church, home and workplace. He has served in church leadership for over 25 years, preaching, teaching and leading out in small group Bible Studies. He is a strong believer in living his beliefs and sharing his faith in all that he does. John enjoys sharing Christ in the workplace and spending free time with his family.  John and his wife Vicki currently reside in Traverse City, Michigan.

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    Syd Smith

    Graduate Civil Engineer from Lawrence Tech University working for a major consulting engineer firm in southeast Michigan for 30 years. Married for 35 years to his wife Gina and father to a daughter and son as well as three grandchildren. Enjoys Biblical history particularly as it pertains to Bible Prophecy. Has been a speaker for several Bible Prophecy seminars in the Grand Blanc area.

  • Children's Program

    There will be a FREE children's program available for those with kids.

  • Study Prophecy

    Prophecy Unfolds Today

    The Bible is no ordinary book. It speaks directly to modern times, and Bible prophecy specifically reveals events unfolding in today’s world. Come discover from the words of Jesus Himself the times we now live, what is soon to come, and His plan for you!

  • Explore Bible’s prophetic timeline

    Prophecy’s Final World Super Power

    Explore an end-time prophecy that charts the course of world history, reveals where we are today in the Bible’s prophetic timeline, and unveils the next world superpower—all with pinpoint accuracy!

  • Why do natural disasters

    Jesus on Evil & Earth’s Suffering

    Why do natural disasters, terrorism, and violence continue to increase? Why does God allow tragedy and suffering? Learn about the cosmic conflict impacting earth and your life today! It is an important key in understanding Bible prophecy.

More Schedule Details

  • Jesus on Living Free & Forgiven

  • Prophecy's End Time Lamb

  • Prophecy's Final Judgement Hour

  • The Anti-Christ Agenda

  • Jesus on Religious Tradition

  • Jesus on the AC (Religious Tradition Pt. 2)

  • Jesus on Revelation's Rapture

  • Jesus Solves Death's Mystery

  • Revelation's 1,000 Years

  • Jesus on Hellfire

  • Jesus on Burying the Past

  • Jesus on Armageddon

  • The Mark of the Beast

  • The USA in Bible Prophecy

  • Jesus on Faith & Fitness

  • Revelation's Four Horseman

  • Prophecy Reveals Earth's Final Destination

  • Jesus on End-Time Prophets

  • Which Church Would Jesus Join?

  • Prophecy's Final Destination

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