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In Kingston, MI

Begins October 1, 2021

Jesus said a lot about our world today...

Bible Prophecy reveals events happening today that point to the soon return of Jesus Christ. This new study series will give answers to questions millions are asking. As the words of Jesus come alive, they give hope and reveal how prophecy speaks directly to our time. With the Bible as our foundation, prophecy becomes clear, establishes truth and proves relevant for our day. Discover peace, purpose and confidence as you attend Jesus On Prophecy in your area. Pre-register today!

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Kingston Elementary School
3644 Ross St.
Kingston, MI 48741
United States

  • Study Prophecy

    Is Our World on the Verge of a Stupendous Crisis?

    The Bible is no ordinary book. It speaks directly to modern times, and Bible prophecy specifically reveals events unfolding in today’s world. Come discover from the words of Jesus Himself the times we now live, what is soon to come, and His plan for you!

  • Explore Bible’s prophetic timeline

    What is Truth?

    Explore an end-time prophecy that charts the course of world history, reveals where we are today in the Bible’s prophetic timeline, and unveils the next world superpower—all with pinpoint accuracy!

  • Why do natural disasters

    Game of Thrones: Christ & Satan

    Why do natural disasters, terrorism, and violence continue to increase? Why does God allow tragedy and suffering? Learn about the cosmic conflict impacting earth and your life today! It is an important key in understanding Bible prophecy.

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  • God's Plan for My Shadow: Guilt & Shame

  • Clash Royale: The Spiritual 'Ground Zero'

  • Unknowingly Breathing an Unholy Influence

  • Demonic Forces: Their Primary Target?

  • Identifying the World's Most Popular Star

  • World's Foremost Masterpiece of Deception

  • Revelation's 1,000 Years

  • A Beautiful Lie?

  • Lord of the Rings: The True Threefold Warning

  • Jesus on Burying The Past

  • Harry Potter's Most Common Miracle?

  • Weed Opiates & Alcohol: Finding Recovery's Road

  • The Mark of the Beast

  • The United States in Bible Prophecy

  • Jesus on Hellfire

  • One 'Pokemon Go' Character Nobody Wants

  • Jesus on Armageddon

  • Revelation's Four Horsemen

  • Jesus' Church

  • Prophecy's Final Destination

  • Jesus on End-Time Prophets

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