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In Wyoming, MI

Begins October 1, 2021

Zeisu in tulai leitung hun tawh kisai thu tampi na genkhol hi...

Laisiangtho' genkholsa bangin Topa Zeisu hong kumkik nang lim honglak thu tampi te piangpiang ta hi. Hih thusinna in mi tul tampi te neih dotna tampi takte hong dawng ding hi. Zeisu' kammal te hong tangtunna in eite lametna hong piak banah genkholhna te eikhang hunah hong tungta ahih lam hong lakkhia hi. Eite in Laisiangtho ih bulphuh tak ciangin genkholhnate kitel sianga, thumaan thutak a kipsak banah tukhang hun tawh akituak lam hong lakkhia hi. Na geinai a om Zeisu leh Genkholhna thu tangkona ah na kihelna tungtawnin lungdaihna, ngimna, leh kimuanna na mukhia ding hi. Tuni minpia khol in!

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Bamboo Place Cultural Center (Zomi)
4308-A Division Ave South
Kentwood, MI 49548
United States

  • Picture of Pastor SB LuanNgaih Cin

    Pastor SB LuanNgaih Cin

    Pastor Cin pen Zeisu leh Genkholna thutangko na ah thugen khat in kihel ding hi. 

  • Study Prophecy

    Prophecy Unfolds Today

    The Bible is no ordinary book. It speaks directly to modern times, and Bible prophecy specifically reveals events unfolding in today’s world. Come discover from the words of Jesus Himself the times we now live, what is soon to come, and His plan for you!

  • Jesus on Gospel (Zeisu leh Gupkhiat na thu)

  • Explore Bible’s prophetic timeline

    Prophecy’s Final World Super Power

    Explore an end-time prophecy that charts the course of world history, reveals where we are today in the Bible’s prophetic timeline, and unveils the next world superpower—all with pinpoint accuracy!

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  • Jesus on Evil & Earth’s Suffering

    Why do natural disasters, terrorism, and violence continue to increase? Why does God allow tragedy and suffering? Learn about the cosmic conflict impacting earth and your life today! It is an important key in understanding Bible prophecy.

  • Jesus on forgiven & free ( Zeisu le maisak na leh suakta nun tak na)

  • Prophecy's End Time Lamb ( Hunbei kuan Tuu no Genkholhna)

  • Anti Christ Agenda ( Thukham)

  • Jesus Relligious Tradition Sabbath

  • Jesus AC - Sabbath -Ch

  • Jesus on Revelation's Rapture (Mangmuh na ie laktoh na leh Zeisu)

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